Our philosophy

Our philosophy is similar to that reported by Mr. Mestrallet, president of GDF Suez: "Sustainable development is also, and above all, strategic for the Group, for it is a vector of value and performance for our enterprise. In particular it allows our corporate clients to reduce their costs, to increase their competitiveness and productivity through innovation, to develop new markets and to maintain their reputations. For [us] it is a means of better anticipating long-term risks. It is the strategic axis of our business and a lever of growth for our activities."

Our Mission

"Act with integrity, efficiency and professionalism to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and partners."

Our Story


In the report of 1992 environmental portrait, opportunities for generalist integrating the talk of different specialists in environmental management.


Ressources-Actions is a progressive company, always on the lookout for market trends and the best business practices and quality. We're a multidisciplinary company with ad-hoc experts.

One of our greatest achievements

100% of our clients were satisfied following the completion of their mandates.


Our goals are to preserve our perfect rate of satisfaction, to attract the best human resources with career plans, and to improve the development of the company and its expertise while ensuring the quality of our work.