• Conceptualize literary magazines on different themes
  • Develop biodiversity wildlife indicators
  • Foward ideas about Quebec biodiversity strategy
  • Write vulgarized texts about the biology of endangered or vulnerable species
  • Determine the cause of death of trees on contaminated land (Forensic)
  • Give technical advice on a new concept for the restoration of the burying site
  • Restore rivers and streams to their natural state
  • Come up with a permit management tool for the treatment of used water from isolated residences
  • Analyse protected areas propositions
  • Estimate the cost of request for proposals
  • Upgrade the management of raw material and landfill
  • Ensure support to localities in relation to environmental regulations
  • Ensure the conformity regulations of environmental installations

Management and Training

  • Build up an information scheme of management
  • Supervise drinking water treatment
  • Request environmental authorisation certificate from the MDDEP
  • Analyse the repercussions of new regulation for landfill management in north’s country
  • Evaluate technical estimates for closing a landfill
  • Create technical and regulatory reference tools
  • Broking and trading second life resources
  • Work planning on ISO-14001 requirements
  • Propositions to develop an environmental system management based on ISO-14001

Natural Resources

  • Evaluate the damages of the 1998 on maple groves for a subvention program
  • Carry out the technical and administrative management of the assistance programme to forest owners affected by the 1998 glazed frost
  • List wildlife habitats of Île-Verte
  • Comment on public documents
  • Participate in comities of multi-resources management
  • Participate in comities involved in environmental certification of the forest industry
  • Participate to the marketing offer of selling wood on auction
  • Carry out the technical and administrative management of projects related to the “Programme de mise en valeur des ressources du milieu forestier” for 2007-2008 and 2008-2009
  • Manage agriculture and forestry contracts
  • Estimate the cost of request for proposals for the realisation of sylvicultural works